We Are Chosen Because of: Relevance, Quality and Accessibility

Students choose our health care programs because in this era of unprecedented expansion and change in the health care industry, Waka Medical Training Institute is a leader in provision of programs that prepare students for the future!

We impart the most updated best practices and industry-trends commensurate to the rapidly-evolving health care industry.

  • Our own College Hospital for learning and Research
  • An evolving and globally researched curriculum that reflect industry changes
  • Globally acclaimed lectures with experience in nursing field
  • A network of health industry institutions and professionals

We pride ourselves in academic quality and learner success.

  • The college is accredited by the nursing Council of Kenya and Ministry of Education.
  • We have short practical courses that fit on students’ busy schedule and areas of interest.
  • We have a range of personalized support services to spur students’ success

We make it both convenient and affordable to Students

  • We have both online, on-campus, full-time and part-time learning options. Students choose the module that is convenient for them without sacrificing their other social or professional commitments.
  • We create opportunities to get internships, workshops and nursing attachments to give our students professional experience during study period.