Consultancy Outcomes

  1. Healthcare workers effectively educate community on importance of Ante Natal Care.
  2. Healthcare providers have updated, improved and deeper understanding of post-partum IUCD, helping babies breathe, helping mothers survive, examining the new-born and care of the cord.
  3. Healthcare providers competently and effectively offer Maternal and Neonatal and family planning services.
  4. Improved skilled birth attendance compared to previous years.
  5. Trainees achieve practical knowledge on structure and process of management as well as effective organizational communication.
  6. Individuals are motivated and be able to motivate other workers to meet organizational objectives.
  7. Trainees obtain strong inter-personal relationship and team work within various organizational structures.
  8. Managers practice role delegation and control in order to be able to focus on their key organizational roles.
  9. Health managers possess the knowledge and capacity to address middle management challenges and practices within the organization.
  10. Managers have the capacity to shift from management to leadership in order to exploit the full potential of every staff member for organizational growth.
  11. Trainees are equipped on principles and perspectives of organizational performance management and improvement systems.